Tilcott House, Katoomba

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Tilcott has local significance as a good representative example of the well-built holiday homes erected in the Upper Mountains by Sydney business-people in the 1920s. Tilcott is an intact representative example of an inter-war Californian bungalow residence. With its fine detailing and striking sandstone fencing it has above average appeal.

Historic Value

Tilcott was built in 1921 on lot 1 of section VIII of the sub-division of John Britty North’s land close to the railway line in Katoomba.

It seems to have been a holiday house, commissioned by Michael Fox, who lived in Coogee and was a ‘manufacturer’.


Late in the 1930s it was acquired by Harry Sleeman. By 1990 it was owned by an elderly clockmaker who mounted a museum of horology in the house.

It was then acquired by the Balmoral guest house nearby and was used as adjunct guest accommodation. It has now been bought by the Department of Community Services and provides day care for some categories of disabled people.

Our Role

We were approached by the Katoomba Heritage Property office to restore this beautiful heritage listed property with brand new SVK Diamond Slate over a worn out old roof that’s seen the elements of the mountains throughout its years. Asbestos removal & new timber battens were installed to give this beautiful home a re-birth of longevity.


This project was a test for the lads due to the sheer exposure of the cold elements Blue Mountains has to offer in the middle of winter. But as all good teams the lads bonded together & got the job done.