Unveiling a New Chapter: The Shifting Landscape of Welsh Slate in Australia’s Roofing Industry


Heritage Roofing Group’s (HRG) unwavering commitment to tradition recently hit a rough patch. The past year brought the stark reality of a Welsh slate shortage, leaving roofs on hold and Kyle, HRG’s owner and a proud Welshman, grappling with a dilemma. With the regular Melbourne and Sydney suppliers simply not being able to secure the coveted material.

A recent project in Bondi using Welsh Penryn Slate

The University of Sydney, where Kyle worked on consultation basis, faced a similar hurdle. Their established tradition of using Welsh slate was unexpectedly challenged by the endorsement of Glendyne slate. This departure from the norm sparked questions about the future of Welsh slate in Australia.

A recent project in Centennial Park using none other than Welsh Penryn Slate

A Fresh Crate of Canadian Glendyne Slate

Caught between honouring heritage and project expediency, the decisive move was made. In the absence of Welsh slate, Canadian slate was recommended as a readily available and comparable alternative. Delaying projects for an uncertain supply wasn’t an option.

While acknowledging Glendyne’s merit, those involved wrestled with the potential compromise on the University’s historical authenticity. With numerous heritage buildings needing rooftop makeovers, opting for “non-original” slate raised concerns about preserving their legacy.

Canadian Glendyne Slate Up & Close

Canadian Glendyne Slate | Killara Project 

Canadian Glendyne Slate | Burwood Project 

HRG’s experience goes beyond a single company. It reflects a broader industry question: Is this a temporary blip or a fundamental shift in historical roofing choices? With global demand outpacing production, are other companies facing similar struggles?

The quest for quality slate has outgrown supply, casting a spotlight on the dynamic evolution of roofing materials. As the industry navigates sourcing challenges and weighs tradition against practicality, the dialogue remains open. The future of Welsh slate in Australia, intertwined with its historical significance, beckons further reflection.

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