Navigating Legalities for Heritage Roofing Contractors in Australia


As the owner of Heritage Roofing Group, I, Kyle Glasby, have encountered a recurring challenge in recent jobs and throughout our company’s history. It pertains to the specifications provided by Heritage architects, which often incorporate a blend of standards including Australian (AS), British (BS), Lead Sheet Training Association (LSTA), and manufacturers’ standards. The persistent question we face is: Which standard should we adhere to, and in case of disagreement, what would stand up in court?

Australian Standards (AS)

Lead Sheet Training Association (LSTA)


British Standards (BS)

The scenario is not uncommon. On numerous occasions, we find ourselves at the nexus of conflicting specifications. Should the final decision rest with the subcontractor responsible for installation and warranty, the head contractor who may lack experience in heritage projects but issues directives, or the architect who includes conflicting specifications in their plans?

In many instances, Heritage Roofing Group assumes a pivotal role. We become the beacon of expertise, offering guidance in navigating the murky waters of conflicting specifications. Our experience and insight often serve as the compass that steers projects toward successful completion.

However, while we endeavour to provide clarity in these “grey areas,” the need for definitive legal guidance remains paramount. Therefore, Heritage Roofing Group commits to presenting a follow-up blog, “Part 2,” where we delve deeper into the professional responsibilities and liabilities of subcontractors, contractors, and architects in such situations.

We recognise the importance of establishing clear lines of accountability and ensuring that all parties involved in heritage roofing projects understand their obligations under the law. Stay tuned for “Part 2” as we shed light on this complex yet critical aspect of the construction industry.

Thank you for joining us on this journey as we navigate the legal landscape of heritage roofing in Australia.

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