What are the benefits of using an SVK artificial slate for my roof?

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Artificial fibre cement slate fit to the shape of any roof and come with a 10 year colour.

SVK’s artificial slates are always a reliable and stylish option. The quality of these fibre cement slates is exceptional. They have a brilliant finish, whether you opt for a smooth or textured surface.

Furthermore, all slates are durable. They are provided with an environmentally friendly coating (based on a water-based acrylic resin) with moss-resistant qualities. They are dimensionally consistent, easy to handle and have a low susceptibility to breakage. In short, it is high quality and timeless roofing.



Compressed fibre-cement slates offer a man-made alternative to natural slate.

Manufactured in Belgium using the best quality fibres, therefore producing the strongest fibre-cement slates on the market.



Due to their precision fabrication, no preliminary grading according to thickness is required.

SVK’s and Eternits are finished with a double layer of acrylic based coating, providing them with both a smooth beautiful appearance but also making them highly resistant to moss growth whilst enhancing the durability of the slates with low water absorption.


Both are available with textured faces and rivened edges to give a close match to the look of natural slates. Rectangular and diamond sizes are available. The good folks at Premier Slate supply us with these slates that come in either blue black or Welsh blue.

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