Chimney Leaks | Flash Floods | Common causes & solutions


Did your chimney leak during the recent storm?

The first question you have to ask yourself, is did the water marks / leaks only occur in last weeks extreme weather event? If so there is a good chance your flaunching or render needs to be addressed asap. Here are a few pictures of a typical chimney that will leak in heavy rain events.

It’s important to catch any chimney leaking early on so it doesn’t snowball into something worse down the road. We’ll go over some of the most common causes for chimney leaks and how you can resolve them.

We visited this property after the recent storms and got some drone shots of the leaking chimney. We have noticed that the flaunching on the top has many cracks and will be porous in heavy rainfall events.

Below is another common reason we have been seeing with leaking chimneys as of late.

The first reason is that the flashing was improperly installed.

The second reason is the flashing around your chimney is worn down or eroded. 

If this is the case you will need to contact a roofer immediately to replace the flashings as they will continue to be an issue in the future in extreme weather events.

Another property we visited after the large weather event last week. If you look closely at this chimney there is a clear gap in the flashing. There’s a high chance that water is entering internally, likely through this gap in the flashing. Be sure to get touch if you are experiencing any of the above issues. We’d be happy to come take a look at it with our customary free drone roof report.

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