Z600 Galvanised Steel

This authentic steel finish has been in the Australian market since the first corrugated sheet landed from the UK. Whether you’re after a domestic, commercial grade or curved, the Heritage Galvanised Z600 comes with a full material warranty, giving you confidence in a dual-coated metallic steel product.

Z600 Galvanised is the ideal option for Heritage restoration projects. Galvanised steel in the Z600 is the only way to achieve the authentic Galvanised heritage look, without compromising on quality.

Z600 Galvanised steel is a popular choice because of the increased coating thickness preventing the steel from rusting.

It is a popular choice for many homeowners out there, because of the protective zinc coating element preventing the steel from rusting. The corrosion resistance of zinc is considerably greater than that of iron or steel. Even if the coating is scratched, the exposed steel can still be protected from rusting by the remaining zinc. Galvanising is a preferred form of coating because of its low cost. It does not require high maintenance, and has a long life span.

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Below is a brief video of our work completed at the Bathurst Courthouse in 2022. A full re-roof using Z600 Galvanised steel, lead & copper was carried out at this brilliant restoration effort.

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