Reclaimed Slate

There are two significant benefits to using reclaimed slate when considering to re-roof your home. The first is that visually, it often looks better, especially on older Heritage style properties for example where new slate will not enhance the age of the building. To add to that, it is a formidable form of recycling which is very important as it stops materials ending up as landfill.

Reclaimed slate can often work out cheaper than new slate, and if they are of good quality they should last up to 100 years.

What are Reclaimed Roof Tiles?

Reclaimed slate will have to be salvaged and saved from another roof. Whilst they are technically second hand they are usually of high quality and have an excellent life span if laid & installed correctly.

What are the advantages of reclaimed slate?

  • Sympathetic to older properties such as grade II listed houses.
  • Environmentally friendly, since you’re recycling
  • In many cases they are a cheaper alternative than new slate
  • They’re typically good quality and therefore long lasting
  • They can add tremendous heritage value to your home

We at Heritage are constantly salvaging slate from roofs we are stripping back. All the reclaimed slate is kept out in pallets at the warehouse.


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