Newcastle East Primary School

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Newcastle East Public School is the oldest school in continuous operation in Australia.

Newcastle East Public School is a public school located in the New South Wales town of Newcastle, Australia. It is the oldest continuously running school in Australia, established in 1816 by a convict on conditional pardon, Henry Wrensford.

The Tyrrell Street school is now a site of historical significance in Australian education. It is of itself a building of heritage value that has been restored to its former glory, having housed education in many different guises.

The Tyrrell Street school embodies a synthesis of the history of three of the most historically important schools in Newcastle; Newcastle East Public School, Newcastle Public School, Newcastle High School and their offshoots.

Henry Wrensford was a twenty-six-year-old convict when he was convicted of fraud and sentenced to seven years’ transportation.

It was only two years later in 1814 that he was granted a conditional pardon by Governor Lachlan Macquarie, with his occupation recorded as “schoolmaster”.

Wrensford started the school in May 1816 with eight girls and nine boys attending, aged from three to thirteen.

In 1878 the school moved to the current site in Tyrrell Street. The success of this new public school led the state government to take control of the church school in 1883 and name it Newcastle East Public School.


We have the honour to help aid the restoration of this heritage listed school in NSW by offering our slate roofing expertise. The school will undergo a complete re-roof using none other than Welsh Slate. Below is the current old roof that will be stripped, re-battened & complimented with brand new Slate!


Here’s a progress shot of this mammoth job with 3/4 of the schools panels been laid with brand new Welsh Slate along with the various features of lead components to help aid this masterful task of restoration.

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