The Quiet Roofs: A Downturn in NSW’s Construction Industry


In the bustling world of construction, where cranes dot the skyline and the hum of activity fills the air, there’s a palpable hush settling over New South Wales. It’s a silence that speaks volumes, echoing the concerns of many in the industry who are grappling with an unexpected downturn. Heritage Roofing Group, a stalwart in Australia’s construction sector, shares these worries as they witness the recent decline in building and construction activities during the first quarter of 2024.

The figures tell a sobering tale. The country’s GDP growth, once robust, has slowed to a crawl, with the construction sector taking a significant hit. Industry output has slumped across the board, with construction services, residential building, and heavy and civil engineering all experiencing sharp declines. It’s a troubling trend that underscores the critical role the construction industry plays in driving economic prosperity.

Heritage Roofing Group understands this role all too well. As a company deeply embedded in the fabric of Australia’s construction landscape, they’ve witnessed firsthand the ripple effects of this downturn. New leads have dwindled, with a staggering 90% decrease over the past six months compared to previous years. For Kyle Glasby, owner of Heritage Roofing Group, this period marks the quietest he’s experienced since taking the helm of the business.

But amidst the broader downturn, there’s a niche within the construction industry that’s feeling the pinch acutely: the slate roofing sector. Reports have surfaced of slate companies offering redundancies as demand for their services wanes. This begs the question: what does the future hold for slate roofers and companies alike?

The answer is uncertain, but the implications are clear. As construction projects scale back and new opportunities dwindle, there’s a real risk of jobs being lost and businesses shuttering their doors. The void left by this downturn in slate roofing could have far-reaching consequences, not just for those directly involved in the industry, but for the wider economy as well.

In times of uncertainty, one thing remains certain: the resilience of Australia’s construction sector. As we navigate these choppy waters, it’s imperative that we come together as an industry to weather the storm. Heritage Roofing Group stands ready to face the challenges ahead, bolstered by a commitment to excellence and a belief in the enduring strength of the construction industry. Together, we’ll build a brighter future, one slate at a time.

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