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HERITAGE ROOFING GROUP is officially a carbon-neutral company according to the Pathzero Carbon Trust. A long-term sustainable solution to global warming and climate change requires that we eliminate or substantially reduce the amount of carbon being emitted into the atmosphere from human activities. It can be achieved by creating carbon zero or carbon neutral construction practices. Hence why we signed up with the friendly guys at Pathzero.

Carbon neutrality means having a perfect balance between emitting carbon and removing it from the atmosphere. This can be done through different channels such as emission reduction , carbon sequestration and offsetting. We offset the CO2 emissions caused by our operations through the Mount Sandy project which ensure permanent protection for a regionally and culturally important pocket of biodiversity-rich land in partnership with its Traditional Owners.

We are committed to strict measurement of our emissions and we have created an ambitious reduction plan for the next two years.

For more details on our carbon offset project and data breakdown be sure to out check out our Pathzero profile – https://reports.pathzero.com/heritage-slate-roofing-pty-ltd

Good quality slates have the potential to last over a hundred years and are one of the best environmental choices for a roofing material.

Contact the team today to find out more 0451 399 226 or email us at kyle@heritageslateroofing.com.au

For more information feel free to read through our case study supplied by Pathzero – pathzero.com/blog/case-study-heritage-slate-roofing

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