The Slate Roof Effect


The other day we were sent this by a neighbour who was a big fan of one of our Slate roof jobs in Hunters Hill. A very interesting perspective along with some funny details along the way of his Slate Roof Journey. An obvious stickler for construction in specific roofs.

Anonymous Neighbour;

“The pure elegance & sophistication of a slate roof is undeniably something to gawk & gaze at when going for a walk or tuning out to some smooth fm in the car whilst waiting at a red light. It really is something that catches the eye & curiosity of the casual by-stander.

This happened to me just the other day when i finished work to come home to a more than energetic pooch jumping for attention.

My local neighbourhood has a dog friendly park where you can switch off & enjoy the suburban streets & nature that surrounds. On my usual root I can’t help to stare at the nearby construction & renovation that seems to be never ending. There’s one particular renovation that is underway a few km’s from my home which i’ve been keeping tabs every time i walk the pooch.

In amongst many of the other renovations in the area, this one stood out. I made a mental note to check the progress on this one every so often.

About two weeks later the house was really starting to take shape. I noticed that one of the contractors that were working on the renovation was Heritage Roofing Group. This was exciting because a lot of the roofs around Hunters Hill are quite old & antique. The house instantly looked as if it’s been given a re-birth! I asked one of the workers on site what kind of slate they were using, with one of them soon suggesting it was Canadian Slate the client locked in for there home.

Unfortunately slate roofs aren’t as common as your stock standard Colour bond or tiled roofs that typically populate the suburbs of Sydney. Certain areas / geographic location you’ll find specific roofing trends. For example in areas located in the Upper North Shore e.g. Mosman, St Ives, Willoughby, Killara etc etc you’ll tend to find more traditional style homes usually with Slate roofs. In comparison if you were to travel out to the western suburbs e.g. Parramatta, Strathfield etc you would find a lot more tiled roofs than say that on the Northern beaches where the use of Colour Bond roofing is a popular option.

There is a certain prestige, historic value & class that a slate roof offers. Natural slate harmonises perfectly with modern architecture. Its durability and beauty make this traditional building material the perfect choice for any cutting-edge design. It’s versatility & timelessness is part effect of this material in a way that it’s durability gives the surface involved a certain prestige, guaranteeing a far longer service life.


Elegance, sophistication, prestige, charisma, individualism are just a few of the words that came across my mind once this renovation was complete. The new home fit with Canadian Slate & terracotta ridges is now seen with much envy throughout the street (including me).”

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