How to identify & repair a slate roof?


Slate is a natural stone, and adds a touch of class to your building. Because it does not call for much maintenance, you can relax once installed. However, there are times when unexpected damage or issues may make slate roof repairs inevitable.

When you are in need of slate roof repairs, it is important to hire a professional service. Our team at Heritage Roofing Group offer professional, reliable and affordable slate roof repairs.

How we work?

When repairing slate roofs, it is essential to ensure that the replacement tiles are of the same size and colour as the broken ones. This is the only way to match the texture and shade of the existing roof.

Matching slate size is easier than matching for colour. After all, slate is a natural stone, and the colour depends on myriad factors. With a huge stock of replacement slate, we can ensure perfect colour match.

Successful slate roof repairs are a result of careful planning. We put in the time and effort to prepare your roof and to source the right replacement materials.

Where do you begin repairing a slate roof?

Quite commonly, broken slates are normally visible from the ground & quite often the general phone call you would receive of this category “I have a slate missing” or “I found a slate that fell off my roof on my lawn”. However for the soul purpose of estimating & guaranteeing the damage a ladder or in our case a drone must be used to investigate potential slate slippage cracks or nail fatigue of surrounding slate.

A simple instructional video made from the guys at shows you basic slate roof repairs, how to replace a slate, slate fixing methods and how to use a slate rip. These are all the core foundations of repairing a slate roof.

Our Roof Repair Services

We undertake all kinds of slate roof repairs. No matter the repair you require, we’ll take care of it for you. Simply contact us and relax while we do the rest.

  • Roof replacement
  • Roof restoration
  • Replacing broken or missing tiles
  • Roof re-pointing
  • Re-bedding ridge tiles

Expert Slate Roof Repairs

With years of experience in slate roof repairs, we are committed to offering flawless slate repairs to all our customers along with our fully licensed & insured team of workers.

Slate Repair video

Whether your roof is big or small, when it is in need of repairs, think of Heritage Roofing Group. Contact us today for a free assessment and quote.

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