How did Welsh Slate make it’s way onto Australian shores?


Welsh slate is no stranger to the shores of Australia. Slate from all corners of the earth started to arrive in Sydney around 1829, typically around the rocks area. In particular slate from the Penrhyn and other Welsh quarries came to Australia on trading vessels. This introduction into Australia roofing construction was widely accepted, mainly due to its durability and strength in amongst Australia’s iconic hot, dry weather.

When slate arrived in Sydney it boasted values of sophistication; resistance, durability & gave the project involved a certain prestige, guaranteeing a far longer service life.

Present throughout the history of mankind, natural slate is a classic and irreplaceable element on roofs. You can see lots of natural slate roofs in houses dating back more than 200 years ago. That also gives you proof of its durability. Natural slate properties remain intact and continues to perform for years to follow.

Below are some images of both Camden Park & Elizabeth house located in the historic site “The Rocks” of Sydney. Welsh slate was introduced and implemented by Captain Piper as early as 1829.

Since back then Slate has been used widely on civic buildings and has proven to show significant resilience under the classic Australian heat. Evidence of this durability and strength can be seen all over Australia maintaining excellent structural integrity of up to 150 years & beyond. It’s safe to say nail & battens tend to fail years before Slate does!

We love to use Welsh Slate & can’t boast enough about its qualities & benefits, including:

  • All Welsh Slate comes with a 100 year warranty direct from the quarry.
  • Heather Blue in colour makes this one of the most desirable slates on the market.
  • It’s rich beautiful history which dates back to the thirteenth-century and by the eighteenth-century Welsh slate was being shipped to all the major UK ports as well as many western European destinations & then of course to Australia.

Here are some proud projects of ours we’ve worked on in the past year using none other than Welsh Slate (Penryn):

Welsh Slate used @ Wolseley Road, Point Piper.

Welsh Slate used @ Woollahra.

Welsh Slate used @ Glebe.

As you can read from the above we are sole heartily obsessed with our product at heart & really want you the reader / potential client to understand why.  

Big thanks to the guys down at Premier Slate who have been providing us with quality slate for years. Also a big shout out to for making it all possible.

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