Slate Roofing Restoration

Is your slate roof experiencing frequent leaks and slipping slate tiles? Are you tired of frequent repairs to your slate roof?

Perhaps it’s time to consider a slate roofing restoration by the expert at Heritage Roofing Group. Heritage Roofing Group has years of experience in slate roofing, and our expert technicians can restore your slate roof to its previous glory.

Slipping Slate Tiles

This is one of the most common reasons for slate roofing restoration. The tiles are slipping because they are not being held in place. And what keeps them in place? You guessed it right – the nails. The fixing nails that were used to keep your tiles in place are old, rusted and losing their grip.

Slate Roof Leaks

If your roof is leaking, this is a major cause for concern. It’s highly likely that the slate tiles have softened and are absorbing water. This water will leak into the roof’s cavity. And that’s just the start of your worries.

If left untouched, these tiles will tear apart leading to huge problems for you and your property.

If you are concerned about leaking roof, contact Heritage Roofing Group today. Our slate roofing experts will inspect your roof to diagnose the issue and provide a quick and effective solution for all your slate roofing worries.

What to Expect from Slate Roofing Restoration?

We will remove all the slate tiles and relay them using new slate tiles. This will completely fix the issue of slipping slates.

If any slates are damaged, cracked, soft or unusable, we will replace them with our stock of reclaimed slate tiles. We will also replace all roof flashings, gutters and valleys as well as any rotten roof battens. This will fix all leakage issues.

Contact Heritage Roofing Group today for a flawless slate roofing restoration.

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