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Are you looking to re-roof or renew your home’s slate roof? Are you not sure if your current slate roof can be restored? Are you worried your slate roof may need to be replaced completely?

Put your worries to rest and contact Heritage Roofing Group for a quick quote at 0451 399 226. We are an expert team of slate roofers Sydney with over 20 years’ experience in slate roofing. We fix all kinds of slate roof problems.

Slate Roof Problems

Are the slate tiles on your roof slipping out ever so often? If so, it could be due to rotting copper nails that are used to fix slate tiles in place. Our slate roofers Sydney will completely strip out all the slate tiles from your roof, and re-lay the tiles using new nails.

Is your roof suffering from leaks? In that case, your roof’s slate tiles are soft and are prone to rotting and breakage. Moreover, these soft slates are absorbing water and will slowly cause leaks in your roof cavity which could even cause stains on the ceilings.

Soft slates are just the beginning of a long list of problems. Wait for too long, and they will begin to tear apart causing you a lot of trouble and heartache. If you want to fix the problem, take immediate action, and hire our slate roofers Sydney right away.

Call Our Slate Roofers Sydney

Our slate roofer Sydney will replace the soft slates with our stock of reclaimed slates. We will inspect your roof and check whether partial replacement would be sufficient. If that won’t work, we will recommend complete re-roofing of your slate roof.

Whether you are looking for slate roof restoration, slate roof repairs or professional slate re-roof solutions contact us today for expert advice. Call Heritage Roofing Group 0451 399 226 now!

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