What are the benefits of a Heritage listed building?

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What classifies a building as heritage listed?

New South Wales has two main types of heritage listings known as “heritage items” and “conservation areas”. A Heritage listing flags that a place or object has a strong heritage significance.

Their are four main statutory lists containing heritage lists for places that are significant locally, state-wide, Australia-wide and/or world-wide. Locally significant heritage places are listed on local council and Environmental Plans.

The State Heritage Register lists our State’s most significant heritage places and objects commonly known as items of state heritage significance. Nationally significant places are listed on the National Heritage List. Places of world-wide significance like the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge are inscribed on the World Heritage List. 

How does a heritage listed home benefit you?

The heritage places of NSW not only reveal the story of Australia’s past, they safeguard and enrich the present and our future.

For our environment, sustainable development begins with the recycling of heritage buildings and their embodied energy they encompass. Recycling heritage buildings reduces our consumption of resources and ecological footprint.

For our economy, heritage attractions underpin tourism hence enhancing long-term growth. Heritage listed places provide the material to promote our State and neighbourhood profiles. 

Not long ago, areas like the Rocks, Millers Point and Paddington were considered ‘slums’ slated for demolition. Since listing and conservation, their value has appreciated enormously. The Rocks specifically now supports Sydney’s tourism industry, boosting the economy.

For individuals, the benefits extend beyond the timeless character often found in heritage places. Recent studies show heritage properties can attract higher resale values. Price premiums attracted by heritage character and listing can also extend to adjoining properties. Listing gives the owner a greater certainty the heritage qualities of the area are protected. Sensibly maintained, the old keeps its appeal in the long-term and only grows in rarity with age.

For communities, heritage plays a significant role in the appeal and life of neighbourhoods. Even heritage places with no current use or in a neglected state can provide the momentum for revitalising a neighbourhood. Heritage places create and support jobs for the community. As well as jobs for specialist repair tradespeople and heritage consultants, architects, planners and Heritage Slate Roofers like ourselves. 

Quite simply, retaining our limited heritage resources is green, sustainable, an investment and community building. Owners, businesses, residents and visitors in turn all benefit as a result.

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