Slate Roof Restoration

Restoring a heritage property calls for special skills and expertise. Picking a random roofer can turn out to be a huge risk. Heritage buildings require the correct technique and materials. At Heritage Slate Roofing, we are passionate about restoring heritage buildings. We come with years of experience, expertise and a strong passion for slate roof restoration.

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Local Expertise

The climate in Australia is unique and fluctuates on a daily basis. There are days when you experience extreme temperatures that tend to have huge impact on the buildings. Heritage materials like slate, zinc, lead and copper can decay, and gradually deteriorate.

Bring water into the picture and the damage is multi-fold, especially in case of heritage buildings where the ceilings, interiors and the cavities are all heritage listed. Understandably, you want quick resolution. But, don’t forget that there are strict regulations when it comes to heritage slate roof restoration.

Years of Experience

Experience makes all the difference when it comes to restoring old and heritage buildings. With extensive experience in lead, copper, slate and zinc roofing, we rely on traditional techniques for flawless slate roof restoration.

When you work with Heritage Slate Roofing, you are in good hands, and can relax in the fact that your slate roof restoration is being handled by leading roofing experts in Sydney.

Our tradesmen are highly skilled, fully licensed and insured. They know how to work with heritage materials and have extensive local knowledge.

Count On Us

With a proven track record in heritage slate roof restoration, clients trust us with confidence.

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