Roofing Slate Repair

High quality slate roofs usually last longer than even the roof coverings. If they do not experience any physical damage, they usually last for 100 years and perhaps more. However, weather and time sometimes play their part in damaging slate roofs or loosen them.

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The Need for Roofing Slate Repair

There are a variety of ways that your slate roof can become damaged including frost, wind, roof setting or failing objects like the branch of a tree. Usually, such incidents affect a sole tile or to a particularly small are on the roof.

When we undertake roofing slate repair, we will remove the damaged tile and fix a replacement slate tile by nailing a copper clip to it. Copper clips are better than lead clips in that they are not affected by the sun.

There are two main reasons why tiles become loose, effectively calling for roofing slate repair. Either the nail used to fix the slate tile fails owing to rust or the slate is damaged around the nail holes.

Our Services
  • Window installation
  • Possum proofing
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Ridge cappinig
  • Re-bedding
  • Pointing
  • Lead roofing
  • Valley repairs
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We are a fully licensed and fully insured team with years of experience in slate roofing, we deliver high quality roofing slate repair work. We offer 12 year guarantee on our workmanship, which goes to show how confident we are about our services. We aim to complete every project quickly, efficiently and professionally. Expect transparent and fair pricing on all our products and services.

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